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We are excited to start a new resource for piano teachers! Information such as starting a private studio, advice for building studio rules, recital etiquette, keeping organized records, teaching methods and styles, motivating students and other help will slowly be added here. Please feel free to send me any ideas you would like to share regarding these topics.

Starting Your Studio
Organizing Your Studio
Recital Etiquette

When should I have my piano tuned?
When to tune your piano depends on your local climate. You should avoid times of rapid humidity change and seek times when the humidity will be stable for a reasonable length of time. Turing the heat on in the house in the fall and off in the spring, causes major indoor change and may take several months before the piano readjusts. Most pianos need tuned once or twice a year and sometimes more often. Getting on a yearly schedule cycle with your tuner is often the best choice. Please speak with your private teacher if you are looking for a tuner or contact BPTA for referrals.